Muyoti: No room for complacency in my team.

Thika UTD. Head coach Nicholas Muyoti.

Thika United FC Head Coach Nicholas Muyoti has today issued a stern warning to his 30 man squad, indicating satisfaction in stagnation shall not be tolerated.


Thika United have played three matches and have amassed a dismal 2 points out of a possible 9, as they face another tricky fixture away in Kericho, to take on Zoo FC on Sunday 25th.



Coach Muyoti minced no words when speaking to his players after training this morning before their trip tomorrow,

” I want every player in this team to actively fight for the match-day squad and for the eighteen to compete for the starting eleven.Am tired of players who are comfortable and have no urgency to compete and prove their worth to be in the team.”

“When there is competition, depth is created, but without depth in the squad it’s hard to have positive consistency”


Also speaking about those (players) who play regularly, the tactician spoke adamantly on the same,


“In football there’s an extremely thin line between complacency and confidence, and no positions are guaranteed in my squad moving forward; One has to actively show why he should continue playing or start, in every particular game.”



The coach further warned of dire consequences to players who won’t have upped their game by mid-season,-

“In second leg am planning to work with a leaner squad and if a player has not made the first 18, at least on ten occasions in the first leg, then i’ll have no room for you and a replacement will be on the way in”  Muyoti also concluded by stating,

“At times players tend to forget and need to be reminded that there is a large number of unemployed players out there and are just looking for that chance- that you’ve been offered”


Soul searching

At times a loss of hunger and commitment can bring about complacency caused by living off past reputation, but after a great challenge like that from our tactician, the eighteen players who have been selected for the weekend match and also those who didn’t make it, will have some personal assessment time, as Thika United prepare to meet Zoo FC on Sunday afternoon.

The team leaves for Kericho tomorrow morning.Compiled by Ken_Magu.