Decision time? Thika United fall again…

It’s tough times at Thika United FC as they slumped to a 3-0 horrific defeat against an organised, resilient Nzoia FC on Sunday.

Coach N.Muyoti and Keeper trainer J.Ruto.















It was the kind of performance and loss that can be defining to the tactician, the personnel and to the management in general.


Despite going into halftime at a 0-0 stalemate, Thika United showed a rather depressing lack of character and conceded 3 goals in the last 22 minutes of the match, a pattern that has bedeviled the team in a predictable way in a number of matches.


Fingers may be pointed at either or all the three departments (Technical, Personnel and Management) for the recent slump, but one thing remains certain, a decision has to be made in an attempt to finding a solution, to salvage the situation from getting worse.

Next Match

Thika United will have a few days to reorganize before their next assignment against Wazito FC on May 6th, at Camp Toyoyo-3pm. Compiled by Ken_magu.